Baby Room - 6 months to approximately 18 months

The Baby Room caters for 6 babies and is located on the first floor.

The facilities available allow the babies to be cared for in a comfortable, relaxed and homely environment. Babies are encouraged to make connections as they explore their world through touch, sight, sound, taste and smell. Activities and resources are provided to encourage sensory and physical exploration, language, imaginative and creative expression. Planning for activities and resources are based around the three prime areas of Learning and Development of the E.Y.F.S framework, which is flexible and tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

The rooms are arranged to encourage exploration and discovery with resources at low level enabling babies to make their own choices and selection depending on age and stage of development. Treasure baskets of natural items and everyday objects are provided alongside the usual discovery toys. A cosy corner with cushions provides a relaxed area for children and staff to share the wide range and selection of age appropriate books.

A care plan is established for each child and this helps us to meet their individual needs and follow their parent’s wishes regarding feeding, sleeping, comfort routines etc. The use of a daily diary provides a record of food intake, sleeps etc.

Babies are cared for as individuals but also encouraged to join in daily routines appropriate to age and stage of development. This may be during mid morning/mid afternoon snack or a planned activity of music songs and rhyme, encouraging them to interact with others or respond to music and rhythm.

Your child’s key person will be supportive to the parent/carer and the baby’s emotional wellbeing. Observations, progress and development will be monitored and recorded through the “Tapestry” programme.

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All the staff are very friendly and caring and make you feel welcome as soon as you go in, even though they might not be directly involved with caring for my little girl they all know her name and speak to her to make her feel at home.

Katharine Simpson