Red and Blue Room - Aged 2-3 years approximately

The two rooms operate independently and caters for up to 9 children each based on the ground floor at the front of the property.

Both rooms are arranged in areas of provision to give a constant environment that is safe but challenging. Continuous Provision is provided with a variety of resources reflecting children’s interests and seasonal events based around the E.Y.F.S framework.

The learning experiences will develop the child’s confidence, as they are given freedom, independence and choice with adult supervision to explore experience and discover things for themselves, whilst learning to share and co-operate, an important lesson at this age.

During mid morning/afternoon snack the children are encouraged to sit together at the table. This provides an opportunity for conversational and social skills to be developed between children and staff.


Children are focussed upon as individuals and experiences are provided 'in the moment' which supports their current interests, learning and developmental needs.

A wide selection of resources and experiences are available to encourage self exploration, autonomy and independent learning (with close observation and unique interactions from key adults to enhance the learning opportunities.

Each room has direct access to a self contained toilet and nappy changing area.

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I love the tapestry and focus weeks as it allows me to see exactly how and where my child is developing. The staff are always friendly and I couldn't be happier at how much my child is growing and learning.

Beth Seymour